New headquarters

New headquarters

Varðin started production in summer 2012. The company has had a good start and has recently expanded its capacity with more storage.

The administration has been scattered around in different offices since 2012. The administration is the financial department, sales, technical administration and management. It is not sufficient that they are situated in different offices and so in 2015, the project started of making a new administrative building, in order to join the administration.

The building was delivered in December 2016, when the company had a gathering for the employees and their families.

It is the highly recognised Selmar Nielsen Arkitektar, that have designed the building and a local company; MTV, that has constructed the building.

The management of Varðin is satisfied with final result and look forward to utilise the building and to finally join the administrative team in one building.


Bogi Jacobsen is appointed as Varðin’s new Chief Executive Officer.
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