Atlantic herring

Atlantic herring

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Varðin is a leading provider of superior Atlantic herring, that is handled with the utmost care to ensure quality and freshness. We have a large herring quota for stable and reliable delivery.

Available forms: whole round, h/g, fillets, flaps
Freezing method: 
horizontal plate and IQF freezing
Method of catch: seiner, trawler
Fat content: 
9% – 23%
(gr) WR: 200+, 300+, 350+, 380+, 400+
(pcs/kg) Flaps: 5-8, 8-12, 12-15
(blocks per carton)2 x 14,5 kg
Fishing season: September – December

Herring is a fatty fish that becomes rancid quite fast if not handled and cooled properly. Here at Varðin, we have the experience and facilities to make sure, that it doesn’t happen. We have advanced cooling systems that keep the herring at -1,5 °C from catch to freezer. This ensures superior quality and freshness.

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Gradings according to buyers’ specifications.

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