Varðin is a leading supplier of pelagic fish in the North Atlantic because of our large quotas and emphasis on quality. Our products are Atlantic mackerel, Atlantic herring, capelin, and blue whiting. Available forms are whole round, h/g, flaps, fillets, and surimi base.

The Faroe Islands lie in the middle of the North Atlantic. Varðin is therefore perfectly located in relation to the North Atlantic fishing grounds. It’s only a matter of hours, from the time the fish is caught, until it’s processed at Varðin Pelagic. RWS cooling systems keep the fish at -1,5 °C on board the ships. Likewise, cooling systems keep the fish at -1,5 °C during processing at Varðin Pelagic. Finally, we pack the fish in sealed airtight bags, quick-freeze it and protect it from light. This certainly gives us a competitive advantage in the market, because it ensures freshness and perfect quality.

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Atlantic mackerel
Scomber scombrus
Atlantic herring
Clupea harengus
Mallotus villosus
Blue Whiting
Micromesistius poutassou