Why us

As a market leader situated in the heart of the North Atlantic, we supply superior quality pelagic fish for competative prices.


We specialize in catching and processing superior quality Atlantic mackerel, Atlantic herring, blue whiting and capelin.


We seek long term partnerships based on trust and mutual understanding, that allow honest dialogue between both parties.

Processing plant

World’s most advanced pelagic processing plant. Fully automatic, highly streamlined and optimized to produce superior quality fish.

With steep cliffs, tall green mountains and long narrow fjords, the Faroe Islands is certainly one of the most beautiful places in the world.

But with this beauty also come long, cold, stormy winters which make agriculture difficult. One could wonder, why people would settle, let alone survive on such remote, small, weather battered islands. Beautiful scenery alone isn’t sufficient. The answer is the ocean.  This harsh and cold North Atlantic climate may not be ideal for humans, but it is perfect for fish.

For a millennium the Faroese people have relied upon the seas for food and survival.


Atlantic mackerel, also known as scomber scombrus, is easily recognize by its blue/green tiger like back stripes. It has an average length of about 30 – 40 cm, although it can grow up to 70 cm. Atlantic mackerel is a fast swimmer and needs to be in constant motion in order not to sink.

Blue whiting (micromesistius poutassou) is widespread in the North Atlantic and is an important link in the food chain. The white and tasty fish is a part of the cod family and is popular many markets worldwide. It has a long, narrow body and a silvery underbody.

Atlantic herring (clupea harengus) is also known as the silver of the sea, because of its beautiful silver skin. Herring is one of the most important fish in the North Atlantic. Many fish species, whales, seals and birds depend upon herring as it is a vital part of their diet.

Capelin, also known as mallotus villosus, is a small forage fish of the smelt family. It travels in large shoals in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. The fish is well camouflaged with its olive-colored back which shade to silver on the sides. 

The temperate, clean and nutritious ocean around the Faroe Islands produces the best tasting and healthiest pelagic fish on the planet. Our product selection consists of Atlantic mackerelAtlantic herringcapelin and blue whitingVarðin considers it a privilege to have access and the right to harvest nature’s finest marine resources. 

The Faroe Islands lie in the remote North Atlantic Ocean with no other country in sight. In fact, you need to travel about 600 km to reach the nearest country. Basically, all commodities must be imported to the Faroe Islands. Well, everything except for fish