Blue whiting

Varðin has a large blue whiting quota for stable and reliable delivery.

Available forms: whole round, headed/gutted
Freezing method:
horizontal plate and IQF freezing
Method of catch:
Fat content:
1% – 8%
Size (grams) WR
: 100-, 100+
Size (grams) HG50 – 100, 100+
(blocks/carton)2 x 14,5 kg
Fishing season: November – June

Advanced cooling systems keeps the fish at -1,5 °C from catch to freezer. This ensures superior quality and freshness.

Blue whiting catologue

Gradings according to buyers’ specifications.

About blue whiting

Blue whiting (micromesistius poutassou) is widespread in the North Atlantic and is an important link in the food chain. The white and tasty fish is a part of the cod family and is popular many markets worldwide. It has a long, narrow body and a silvery underbody. It’s rich source of protein, vitamin B12 and selenium, which have great health benefits.

It’s a frail fish that needs to be handled with utmost care during catching and processing, when intended for human consumption. Our state of the art fishing vessels and processing plant combined with our experienced and skilled workforce ensures, that the fish is in pristine condition and fresh.

Nutrition and health benefits of Atlantic blue whiting

Blue whiting is packed with various amounts of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Due to the presence of these nutrients, it provides a sample amount of health benefits. Some are discussed below:

  • It helps to form DNA in the body. Vitamin B12 is essential for the division of cells.
  • It provides relief from the weakness and fatigue. Vitamin B12 has the ability to improve stamina of body to combat heavy work pressure.
  • It is good for bone health. It promotes the tooths enamel and gum health.