Blue Whiting

Micromesistius poutassou
The blue whiting is common in the northeast Atlantic Ocean from Morocco to Iceland. The white and tasty fish is widely consumed in many markets. It has a long, narrow body and a silvery underbody.

Nutritius facts:
The blue whiting is a rich source of protein, vitamin B12 and selenium.

Available forms: Whole Round, Headed/Gutted,  Animal feed
Freezing method: Horizontal Plate Freezer
Method of catch: Trawler
Fat content: 1% – 8%
Size WR (cm): 20+, 23+, 25,+ 27+
Size HG (gr): MIX, 90+, 100+ 
Packing (Blocks per carton)2 x 15 kg
Volume per year: 200.000 metric ton
Fishing season: December – June

Product sheet

Gradings according to buyers specifications.