Why us

A seafaring nation

The Faroe Islands is an archipelago of 18 small islands in the remote North Atlantic with a population of about 52.000 people. The Islands are breathtakingly beautiful with steep cliffs, tall green mountains and long narrow fjords.

faroe islands sea

But with this beauty also come long, cold, stormy winters which make agriculture difficult. These circumstances made life difficult for our ancestors, and one could wonder, why people would settle, let alone survive on such remote, small, weather battered islands. The answer is the ocean.  This harsh and cold North Atlantic climate may not be ideal for humans, but it is perfect for fish. What we lack in land, we make up for in our vast surrounding life brimming ocean.

For a millennium the Faroese people have relied upon the seas for food and survival. Through the years and generations Faroese fishermen have passed on their deep knowledge and profound respect for the sea and its resources to the point, that it’s become an integral part of our culture and very existence. Times and technology may have changed, and we have moved on from traditional Faroese rowing boats and smacks to modern trawlers and purse seiners, but the traditions and values that our fishing industry is based on remain the same. Varðin is carrying on this proud seafaring tradition on into the 21st century.

In the heart of the North Atlantic

The Faroe Islands lie in the remote North Atlantic Ocean with no other country in sight. In fact, you need to travel about 600 km to reach the nearest country. Basically, all commodities must be imported to the Faroe Islands. Well, everything except for fish, which is our primary export. Needless to say, we place great value on our main source of income and treat it with utmost care and respect.

The Faroe Islands is the intersecting point, where the Gulf stream meets the cold currents from the Arctic Ocean. The merger of hot and cold water creates a temperate ocean environment ideal for pelagic fish. Furthermore, the continues stream of water flowing through the Faroe Islands produce the cleanest and most nutritious ocean on the planet. As a result, many of the best fishing grounds in the North Atlantic closely surround the Faroe Islands.

Closer to the catch, closer to shore, closer to quality

Being perfectly located in relation to North Atlantic fishing grounds has huge benefits for us at Varðin. It’s only a matter of hours, from the time our ships catch the fish, until it’s processed at our advanced pelagic processing plant, Varðin Pelagic. This ensures perfect quality and freshness.

North Atlantic fish

Nature’s finest marine resources

The temperate, clean and nutritious ocean around the Faroe Islands produces the best tasting and healthiest pelagic fish on the planet. Our product selection consists of Atlantic mackerel, Atlantic herring, capelin and blue whiting.

Atlantic Mackerel

Varðin considers it a privilege to have access and the right to harvest nature’s finest marine resources. We feel it’s our responsibility and obligation handle these resources, in the best way possible, so customers worldwide can taste natures finest, at its best. For example, we make it our priority to fish during the optimal catching period, when the catch’s fat content and texture is at its prime. Our motto is “The quality is already there, we just do our utmost to preserve it throughout the value chain.”

Vertical integration

Varðin is a vertically integrated company, which gives us total control of the value chain from catch to distribution. We use this to our advantage by implementing our philosophy of quality and efficiency throughout the value chain. By controlling the value chain, we are able to minimize unpredictability and keep detailed documentation from catch to distribution. So, if any problems occur in the value chain which compromise product quality, we are able to locate and fix the problems without delay.

State of the art fishing fleet

Our state of the art fishing fleet of 5 ships are manned with skilled and experienced crews and have large quotas for stable and reliable delivery.

North Atlantic fishing vessel

The fleet is equipped with:

  • Seine nets for gentle catches
  • Modern trawls for efficient catches
  • Advanced pumps
  • Quality inspection work stations
  • Superior RSW cooling systems

World’s most advanced pelagic processing plant

Our fully automated pelagic processing plant is the world’s most advanced of it’s kind.

Atlantic mackerel processing

The factory is equipped with:

  • Several quality control stations
  • Advanced cooling technology
  • Size grading systems, which we adjust according to buyer specifications
  • Freezing capacity of 1.200 metric ton per day
  • The best horizontal plate and IQF freezers the market has to offer

Market strategy

We seek long term partnerships based on trust and mutual understanding, that allow honest dialogue between both parties. We encourage customer feedback, as we strive to produce quality products tailored to individual buyers. This is possible, because Varðin controls the value chain from catch to distribution, making us a very agile company.