Processing plant

Varðin Pelagic is one of most advanced pelagic processing plants in the world. It has 16 processing lines, 9 packaging lines and the freezing capacity is 1.200 metric ton per day.

Our products are Atlantic mackerel, herring, capelin and blue whiting. Available forms are whole round, h/g, flaps, fillets.

Advanced cooling systems keep the fish at -1,5 °C during processing. Standard packaging for all our products is 2x blocks in carton boxes. Quick freezers then freeze the blocks to -20°C in less than 4 hours. Finally, we seal the blocks in airtight bags and protect them from light.

Above all, our quality control department ensures, that the highest hygiene standards are met throughout processing.

Horizontal Plate and IQF Freezing

Varðin Pelagic houses the best Horizontal Plate and IQF freezers on the market. Both of which are excellent options for fast and quality preserving freezing. Mackerel is frozen to -20°C in less than 4 hours with our horizontal plate freezers and in less than an hour with our IQF freezers.

Mackerel freezing time

Our standard freezing method is Horizontal Plate Freezing. We reserve IQF Freezing for mackerel and herring in all available forms.

IQF is the optimal freezing method for quality and pristine looking mackerel and herring. We can offer our customers tailored IQF products directly from Varðin Pelagic, making their upstream value chain more streamlined.

The frozen fish will never have any pressure mark from the freezing.