Limiting our carbon footprint

Renewable energy

Limiting our carbon footprint

Great strides are being taken in the field of renewable energy on our local island of Suduroy. SEV, the municipality-owned energy company, has installed seven wind turbines, a ground-breaking battery system, and a synchronous condenser to provide the island with stable renewable energy. The battery system stabilizes the wind farm output and provides the island with clean, carbon-free energy at times with good wind conditions. The wind turbines, battery system, and hydro-plant drastically reduce the island’s fossil fuel consumption. As a result, Suduroy has run on 100% renewable energy for several days in the past month.

We at Vardin are delighted by SEV’s green energy advancements, as it is in direct line with our sustainability values and vision. We place great emphasis on limiting our carbon footprint in our efforts to provide the world with quality pelagic fish.

SEV’s achievements, along with our already low CO2/KG emissions from catching and processing pelagic fish, bring us closer to our carbon-neutral goals.

Click on the following link and click “Vís Suduroynna” to see Suduroy’s energy production sources in real-time:

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Renewable energy
Limiting our carbon footprint
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