Closer – Faster – Better

Come close and save time and money. Varðin is a large supplier of pelagic fish in the North Atlantic.
Why not sell your pelagic fish in the Faroe Islands? It is closer, faster and better.



Full automatic pelagic processing plant

• Processing plant: 6.200 m2

• Production capacity per 24 hours: 800-1.000 ton

• Production: Whole round, H/G, flaps, fillets and byproducts

• Full automatic processing plant with newest cooling technology and highest hygiene standards

• Frozen storage capacity: 14.000 ton

Port of Tvøroyri facilities

• Depth 11 m

• Certified fresh water supply

• Bunkers gas oil

• Waste oil/oily water reception

• Garbage reception

• Provisions

• Minor repairs

Product sheet