Atlantic Mackerel

Varðin has a large Atlantic Mackerel quota for stable and reliable delivery.

Available forms: Whole round, h/g, fillets, flaps
Freezing method: Horizontal Plate and IQF Freezing
Method of catch: Seiner, Trawler
Fat content: 
13% – 27%
(gr)200-400, 300-500, 400-600, 500+
Size (pcs/kg) Flaps: 5-8, 8-12, 12-15
Packing (Blocks per carton): 2 x 12,5 kg
Fishing season:
August – January

Advanced cooling systems keeps the Atlantic Mackerel at -1,5 °C from catch to freezer. This ensures superior quality and freshness.

Product sheet

Gradings according to buyers’ specifications.

About Atlantic Mackerel

Atlantic Mackerel, also known as scomber scombrus, is easily recognize by its blue/green tiger like back stripes.

It is a migratory fish. It spawns just east of the Irish coast during spring then migrates north west towards Iceland in the early summer. In late summer to early fall it moves eastward towards Norway. From fall to winter the it travels south along the Norwegian coast to the North Sea. During the winter the it heads back west to the Irish coast for spawning. Consequently, the it is always close to the Faroe Islands during its annual migration.

atlantic mackerel migration

Atlantic Mackerel is excellent for human consumption, because of its high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, selenium and vitamins A, D, B12 which have numerous health benefits. The vitamin levels vary depending on the fat content. It’s at its best in the fall and winter because of ideal fat content and intermuscular fat distribution, which results in great taste and texture.

It’s a versatile fish and can therefore be prepared in numerous ways. It can for example be cooked, fried, grilled and smoked. It lends its self especially well to being smoked or grilled because its juicy and fatty meat.

Try Faroese chef, Gutti Winther’s recipe for grilled Atlantic Mackerel with cabbage and a citrusy cream dressing.