Competitive advantage

Varðin has the advantage of being perfectly located in relation to North Atlantic fishing grounds, as seen on the map. It’s only a matter of hours, from the time our ships catch the fish, until it’s processed our advanced pelagic processing plant, Varðin Pelagic. This ensures freshness perfect and quality.

Varðin is a vertically integrated company, which gives us total control from catch to distribution. We use this to our advantage by implementing our philosophy of quality and efficiency throughout the value chain.

We fish during the optimal catching period, when the catch’s fat content and texture is at its best. Our state of the art fishing fleet of 5 ships are manned with skilled and experienced crews and have large quotas for stable delivery. The fleet is equipped with:

  • Seine nets for gentle catches
  • Modern trawls for efficient catches
  • Advanced pumps
  • Quality inspection work stations
  • Superior RSW cooling systems

Our fully automated pelagic processing plant is the world’s most advanced of its kind. The factory is equipped with:

  • Several quality control stations
  • Advanced cooling technology
  • Size grading systems, which we adjust according to buyer specifications
  • Freezing capacity of 1.200 metric ton per day
  • The best horizontal plate and IQF freezers the market has to offer

From vessel to freezer the catch is kept at -1,5°C to preserve freshness and quality.

By controlling the value chain, we are able to keep detailed documentation from catch to distribution.

This certainly give us a competitive advantage on the market.